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    On the whole, though, these forms of biometric authentication are lauded, and being incorporated in more and more pieces of technology. From hardware like smartphones and laptops to software such as web applications and services, the demand for biometrics has increased in recent years and will likely continue to do so as the means of implementing such means of authentication become even more affordable and reliable on a broad scale.

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    The easiest way to start with Prometheus is to use a library for your favorite language from the list. If you are out of luck and your language is not .

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  • Ror ba logo 05

    New Ruby versions keep improving & Ruby 2.5 is no different.
    Ruby 2.5 is introducing some optimizations:

    String interpolation will be around 72% faster when a large string is created
    String#prepend will be around 42% faster if only one argument is given
    Enumerable#sort_by, Enumerable#min_by & Enumerable#max_by will be about 50% faster

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  • Ruby on rails conf

    Videos from the ultra creative Keep Ruby Weird conference that took place 2 weeks ago are here. These are not your typical Ruby talks!

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    Vue.js is awesome. I’m telling this after having used React for more than a year in production software. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommen.

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