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1. Make an app that texts you every time Brad Pitt tweets.2. Scrape any website on the Internet with only a few lines of code (seriously, it’s soooo ea...

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Using the paper_trail gem, track changes to model records for auditing purposes and rollback changes when required......

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Yesterday, we saw how to use React inside our Rails app. Today we will see how simple it is to use Elm components in our Rails 5.1 application.Let's cr.


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Targeting junior developers, this article shows a simple technique to declutter controllers through the addition of a simple object......

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This gem provides a Ruby binding for the libvips image processing library.Programs that use ruby-vips don't manipulate images directly, instead they cr...

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Version 3 of the AWS SDK for Ruby modularizes the monolithic SDK into service-specific gems, for example, aws-sdk-s3 and aws-sdk-dynamodb. Now each ser...

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One of the things I like about the Google Cloud Developer Advocacy team is that many of us have a similar sense of humor. Last year we had an ongoing j...

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When developers switch to a new language, that's one of the questions they try to figure out: does it pass arguments by value or by reference? Ruby has...

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I was sold because it has Ruby style syntax and you can compile it to a single binary to run anywhere similar to Go. Imagine you don’t need to install ...

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Dealing with various sources of data in web applications requires us to create services that will extract information from CSV, Excel, and other file t...

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Anyone who’s run Unicorn (or Puma, or Einhorn) may have noticed a curious phenomena. Worker processes that have been forked from a master start with lo...

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May 4 - 6, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri

( 89 available presentations )

RailsConf is brought to you by the team at Ruby Central, as well as a small but dedicated corps of volunteers. While we depend on the awesomeness of the whole Ruby community to contribute to the terrific experience of RailsConf every year, there are a few individuals that work especially hard to produce RailsConf.


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Atlanta, Georgia April 21 - 23, 2015

( 94 available presentations )

Rails Conf 2015

David Heinemeier Hansson kicked off the conference by announcing a few new features in Rails 5: Rails API, turbolinks 3, a native mobile wrapper and web sockets support (a.k.a. Action Cable).
The amazing Sara Chipps wrapped up the day by sharing her experienceteaching kids to code.
Check the schedule for a full list of talks from Room 202. Shameless plug:yours truly gave a talk following the DHH keynote ;)

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Chicago, Illinois April 21 - 24, 2014

( 96 available presentations )

The highlight of the first day was DHH’s keynote about clarity, patterns and TDD, which sparked many conversations/discussions during the day. Farrah Bostic also gave a nice keynote at the end of the day, entitled What Happens to Everyone, When Everyone Learns to Code, which added even more to the topic DHH had covered.


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Portland, Oregon April 29 - May 2, 2013

( 72 available presentations )

RailsConf, the largest gathering of Ruby and Rails developers in the world, is returning to Portland, OR! Join us from April 29th - May 2nd and connect with top Rails talent, companies, and project owners from around the world.


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Austin, Texas April 23 - 25, 2012

( 65 available presentations )

So what kinds of awesome talks have I attended so far?

  • Keynote by DHH about not being scared of progress
  • Steve Klabnik’s talk on Designing Hypermedia APIs
  • Practical Machine Learning & Rails
  • Ruby on Rails on YOUR ROOMBA!
  • Scaling StillAlive from a RailsRumble project to 50,000+ users
  • Building realtime web apps with streaming REST
  • Keynote by Rich Hickey (developer of Clojure) on simplicity

It’s been fantastic RailsConf so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.


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Baltimore, Maryland May 16 - 19, 2011

( 10 available presentations )

This year me and José Valim had the pleasure of going to Baltimore, in the US, to one of the biggest Rails events of the world! RailsConf is definitely the best place to have the opportunity of meeting and talking to a lot of great Rubyists and Railers, and also attending their talks.


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Baltimore, Maryland July 7 - June 10, 2010

( 12 available presentations )

Happening June 7-10, 2010 at the Baltimore Convention Center, RailsConf is the largest official event for the Ruby on Rails community. If you're passionate about Rails and what it helps you achieve—or are curious about how Rails can help you create web applications better and faster—RailsConf is the place to be.


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