Use Refinery CMS as a headless API-first CMS | Brice Sanchez

In this article, i will explain how to use Refinery CMS with its Rest API to manage the content of a Middleman static website hosted on the Netlify platform.The final goal for me is to have one headless CMS app for multiple clients and one Middleman website hosted on Netlify for each customer.In order to achieve this, we will:Bootstrap a new Refinery CMS 3.0.x app with a blogInstall and configure the Rest API extensionCreate a new middleman app with a blogInstall and configure the middleman-refinery extensionDeploy the middleman website on NetlifySet the Webhook on your Refinery CMS app.
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Nezir Zahirovic

Freelance software developer Ruby On Rails (4 years) / MCPD .Net / C# / Asp.Net / CSS / SQL / (11 years)

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