Using a Clean Formatter for Ruby Testing

Testing is the pinnacle of development, when you develop in a MVC model the controllers expect unit tests to prove it works as expected. Many of these libraries for Ruby are of the likes of Minitest, RSpec and many more.With Ruby, a common library used to see what the outputed code coverage is, is Simplecov. This tool is one I love, shows you what lines are covered, what was missed, and what you have defined as skipped. You also have the ability to configured many other settings. One of those settings is the formatter. You can describe one or many, out of the box comes a HTML Formatter that produces a webpage found in the coverage/index.html. This has been a format I have lived by for years but as I have used it on large projects with large file sets and long file names, it has not been the cleanest UX to work with. I have found it to be outdated and needing to be upgraded.
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Nezir Zahirovic

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