Tracks Not At RailsConf 2024 - Kevin Murphy

I’m on the RailsConf 2024 Program Committee. We just released the program for this year’s event, and I hope you’ll join us!One thing we don’t have are formally-themed tracks. In past years, our CFP might have included prompts for different topics. Or we’d group some talks in publicly-shared and advertised ways.We aren’t doing that this year. That lets us focus on the overall conference theme: building with Rails. However, that didn’t stop me from brainstorming a list of possible tracks, in case we did want to add them in.The following is a list of what could have been, but will not be: tracks that are not part of the RailsConf 2024 program.
Tracks Not At RailsConf 2024 - Kevin Murphy #ruby #rubydeveloper #rubyonrails

Nezir Zahirovic

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