Setting Up Cypress, Rails, and CircleCI

Recently I set up a Rails app with Cypress end-to-end specs on CircleCI. Capybara's the Rails default for this, but Cypress is better. It's faster, more stable, and its in-browser spec runner is a much better experience than writing specs in Capybara. However, Cypress support is still a bit immature, so you have to do some manual tweaking.

Let Capybara Wander Off To Nibble Grass

In 2016, I argued that Rails projects should abandon the asset pipeline in favor of Webpack. The asset pipeline's still supported for legacy reasons, but Rails did begin integrating Webpack a few months later. Capybara's in the same position; even though Rails is still great overall, a Node.js tool has gotten so much better than its Ruby equivalent that you should just use the Node option at this point. I said "let the asset pipeline die" back in the day, but that feels too strident, so I'm recommending instead that we let Capybara wander off to nibble grass.

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Nezir Zahirovic

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