RubyKaigi Takeout 2020 - YouTube

For 2020, the usual RubyKaigi (Japan’s ‘home’ Ruby conference) went virtual in ‘takeout’ form – however, the same high quality of speakers and mixed Japanese/English sessions remained, and now you can enjoy the talks on YouTube. Some highlights:elct9620 asks if it's time to run Ruby on the Web using WebAssembly. An exciting proposition that feels like it's in its early days.A practical talk by Jeremy Evans on the past, present and future of keyword arguments.Yuji Yokoo covered an interesting topic by looking at creating Sega Dreamcast games with mruby — a fun and well recorded talk.Vladimir Dementyev spoke about the transpilation of Ruby code and Ruby Next.If TruffleRuby intrigues you, check out Benoit Daloze's talk on running Rack and Rails apps faster with it.The inimitable Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson spoke about instance variable performance but in Japanese 🇯🇵 The slides are in English though!.
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Nezir Zahirovic

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