ruby-prof if helpful if your program is slow and you don't know why. It can help you track down methods that are either slow, allocate a large number of objects or allocate objects with high memory usage. Often times the results will be surprising - when profiling what you think you know almost always turns out to be wrong.Since ruby-prof is built using ruby's C tracepoint api, it knows a lot about your program. However, using ruby-prof also comes with two caveats:To use ruby-prof you generally need to include a few lines of extra code in your program (although see command line usage)Using ruby-prof will cause your program to run slower (see Performance section)Most of the time, these two caveats are acceptable. But if you need to determine why a program running in production is slow or hung, a sampling profiler will be a better choice. Excellent choices include stackprof or rbspy.
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