Learn Web Development with Rails

Ruby on Rails (or just “Rails” for short) is a web development framework written in the Ruby programming language. Since its debut in 2004, Ruby on Rails has rapidly become one of the most powerful and popular tools for building dynamic web applications.Rails is used by companies as varied as AirbnbBasecampDisney,GitHubHuluKickstarterShopifyTwitter, and the Yellow Pages.There are also many web development shops that specialize in Rails, such as ENTPthoughtbotPivotal LabsHashrocket, andHappyFunCorp, plus innumerable independent consultants, trainers, and contractors.

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Nezir Zahirovic

Freelance software developer Ruby On Rails (4 years) / MCPD .Net / C# / Asp.Net / CSS / SQL / (11 years)

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