Gem Credentials Management with Gemstash | Petr Hlavicka

How can we efficiently manage gem credentials across the teamWhen your project grows, you may reach out to enterprise gems (like Sidekiq Pro) for help or want to extract some business logic into private gems.Bundler has a way to set the credentials for enterprise/private gems, but everyone has to set it. Each developer in the team, your build/deploy processes, and some of your jobs in the CI. It will get even worse when you have gems from multiple private sources.That may be fine until you are forced to change (rotate) the credentials for one of the used enterprise gems (e.g., when they are leaked). Or, the worst-case, when your current credentials stop working (e.g., you forget to renew the license and end up with new credentials 😅).
Gem Credentials Management with Gemstash | Petr Hlavicka #ruby #rubydeveloper #rubyonrails #credentials #gem

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