Finishing Hotwire with the introduction of Strada

When we announced Hotwire a few years back, it was always meant as a triptych. The center piece is Turbo. That's the drop-in level-up that makes multi-page web apps feel like single-page web apps – without giving up any of the development advantages to server-side programming. Then Stimulus brought order and structure to JavaScript sprinkles by triggering custom behavior via HTML attributes. And finally, which is what we're revealing today, there's Strada: The bridge between native controls and the web app.Strada continues the Majestic Monolith story by extending Hotwire onto native controls. Where Turbo Native makes it easy to have native mobile apps driven by fast web views, Strada brings that extra bit of polish only native controls, like native menus, can provide.
Finishing Hotwire with the introduction of Strada #ruby #rubydeveloper #rubyonrails #hotwire

Nezir Zahirovic

Contractor Ruby On Rails (8+ years) / MCPD .Net / C# / Asp.Net / CSS / SQL / (11 years)

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