Building a Sinatra app in Ruby

Sinatra is a lightweight web application framework written in Ruby. It provides a simple and easy-to-use syntax for building web applications. The framework focuses on being minimalistic, allowing developers to quickly create web applications without having to deal with a lot of the boilerplate code and relatively rigid way of doing things that accompany larger and more popular frameworks like Rails.In this article, we'll use the Sinatra framework to build a simple URL-shortening app where a user can input a long URL and generate a short URL that redirects to the original URL when clicked. The app will also have a feature for keeping track of how many times a shortened URL is clicked.
Building a Sinatra app in Ruby #ruby #rubydeveloper #rubyonrails #sinatra

Nezir Zahirovic

Contractor Ruby On Rails (8+ years) / MCPD .Net / C# / Asp.Net / CSS / SQL / (11 years)

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