Automation Engineering with Serverless Compute - Kevin Lesht - YouTube

Have you ever wanted to automate a tedious process? Like, relaying omelette photos straight from your phone to an omelette blog? This talk is for you! Learn how to leverage Ruby within serverless functions to handle everything from machine learning based object detection through event triggers, and static site generation!As the system for automation is explored, so too are the challenges, or, brick walls, that were hit along the way. In this talk, you'll not only learn about technology, but also about mental models for solving problems and overcoming those inevitable brick walls.Kevin LeshtKevin is a Senior Software Engineer working out of Chicago, Illinois, for Home Chef, a meal kit delivery company. He is the host of the Day as a Dev podcast, where he interviews developers from all walks of life, to offer students and those interested in tech, a practical look at life in the industry. Previously, he co-founded ZeroSleep Designs, a digital design agency, and worked with dozens of clients to bring their ideas online. He's passionate about getting others excited about tech!.
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