A New Era for Ruby Central Events

A special announcement for the Ruby communityWe normally announce next year’s RailsConf location at the end of the conference, but this time we are going to do something a little different and share two pieces of news:We are delighted to announce that we want to involve you all in deciding where we will have RailsConf next year. Please use this Google Form to share your feedback.We have also decided that RailsConf 2025 will be our final one. Beyond 2025, we will be focusing on RubyConf as our flagship event, as we deepen our involvement in supporting regional conferences, meetups, and open source development.RailsConf 2025 will be reimagined to be a more focused celebration of the Rails community and the legacy of RailsConf. This means there will be a few changes including less content, and a smaller number of tickets.
A New Era for Ruby Central Events #ruby #rubydeveloper #rubyonrails https://rubyonrails.ba/single/a-new-era-for-ruby-central-events

Nezir Zahirovic

Contractor Ruby On Rails (8+ years) / MCPD .Net / C# / Asp.Net / CSS / SQL / (11 years)

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